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Cruises from South Africa

All these trips are still in the old format with a menu on the left and a coloured background. The pages look the same on all devices. All trips before 2013 still have the old menu and the only links that work are the Home page and the Campsites Page.

Indian Ocean.   2014/15

Map showing ship's route.

 Durban --> Reunion --> Mauritius

Indian Ocean.  2010

Map showing ship's route.

 Durban --> Mauritius --> Reunion --> Madegascar.

St Helena. 2009

Adult cheetah lying down near our vehicle.

 We took the RMS from Durban, via Walvis Bay, to the island and stayed there for 2 weeks.

 Mozambique. 2009

Us with Pat, Colin, Bob abd Les on board.

 A mini-cruise from Durban to Barra Lodge in Mozambique with Pat (Kevin's sister), Colin, Bob and Les.

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