Our Hilux and 'van.

Over the past 12 years we've had 4 vehicles (all Toyotas) and 5 different camping setups which have enabled us to travel all over Southern Africa - on tar, gravel and sand.   The following links give you a bit of information about our experiences and the 4x4 courses that we did - and which were invaluable.

Our current and previous vehicles

Our current offroad caravan and previous camping setups

Buying a vehicle for overland trips

Solar panels

Stoney RIdge 4x4 Offroad Academy

Our Autosleeper Kingham van.

When we returned to the UK in 2016 we decided to buy a camper van so that we could spent some time in Europe. The following link gives more information about our choice of vehicle.

Our Autosleeper Kingham

Last updated: November 2020