KwaZulu- Natal. May 2022. 

After returning to Richmond in March, having bought the house in Reebok, we had intended to return to the UK as we had decided to sell our camper van and spend most of our time in South Africa. However, after hearing of some horror stories with regards to delays at London airports, we decided not to bother.  I contacted a motorhome dealer near London and Di and David kindly took the van there for us.

In April we put our Richmond house on the market and sold it within a week!  Once the paperwork had been sorted we decided to spend 10 days exploring KZN.  

1.  Spioenkop Dam, Nature Reserve and Battlefield.  We had stayed here many years ago and always intended to return.  As well as driving around the reserve we re-visited Spioenkop battlefield.

2. Dundee.  We stayed at a lodge just outside Dundee and re-visited Talana Museum, Rorke's Drift and Isandlwana.

3. Weenen Game Reserve.  We have driven past this reserve on several occassions but this was the first time we stayed there.


Last updated: December 2022