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Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Reserves 2010 - False Bay

False Bay is now part of the Isimangaliso Wetland Park which was proclaimed South Africa's first World Heritage Site in 1999. It covers a huge area of lakes, swamps, wilderness areas, beaches and reefs from St Lucia to the Mozambique border 200km to the north.

It was only 150 km from Umlalazi to False Bay so we decided to go via Hluhluwe Game Reserve. We didn't see a lot of game on this occasion but did see 3 nyala at the picnic spot where we had lunch.

Male Nyala.

Female Nyala.

False Bay is on the Western shore of Lake St Lucia and so called because, although it looks like it's a bay, is in fact part of a huge lake system.

Some day visitors that we met said that the last time they'd been here there had been no water in this part of the lake.

We camped amongst the trees quite close to the lake as there was a strong wind blowing and it was much more sheltered there.

We stayed for a couple of nights and were the only people staying overnight. The girl at reception told us to camp wherever we wanted and then to let her know so that she could turn on the hot water for our nearest shower block.

We were given a 'map' of the walks in the area - simply an A4 sheet of paper with a few dotted lines really! - and decided to try one of them.

We followed the lakeside for a few kilometres and then a trail back through the forest. We were glad that we'd taken our GPS as there was a junction not marked on the map so we did eventually manage to et back to our campsite.

1. Umlalazi

2. False Bay

3. Ndumo

4. Cape Vidal


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