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Wild Coast, February 2016.

We had the opportunity to spend 3 days at Mngazana, south of Port St John, on the Wild Coast as our friend Geoff was down there doing some electrical work on a cottage owned by Robbie, who lives in Richmond. Geoff suggested that we come down and bring his wife, Paula, for 3 nights once he'd finished the work he needed to do. We love the Wild Coast so were more than happy to agree.

We stayed in a large house, owned by another friend of Geoff, about 2km from Robbie's cottage which was currently having it's roof replaced by another Richmond friend, John.

The Mngazana River at low tide. There are some steep tracks so a 4x4 with low range makes travelling easier.

The view from the house that we stayed at - the Mngazana River at high tide.

Our first evening braai.

This dog visited us every day.

Geoff did some fishing every day. He didn't catch anything but enjoyed trying! We enjoyed the view.

There are mangrove swaps along the river and we saw lots of these small crabs.

One morning Kevin and I walked along a narrow cliff path from 1 bay to the next one and then back again. Great views.

On the way back I had a swim in one of the rock pools.

The beach closest to the river mouth - and just a short walk from the house.

We watched some local kids who's found part of a plastic jojo (water) tank on the shore. They dragged it up the hill and then slid down the grass on it.

We often saw animals on the beach - goats, donkeys, cattle and dogs.

One morning we had to drive to Port St John to buy a battery for Robbie's truck. We then had a drive around the area. This is First Beach, close to the town, but not ideal for swiming because of the way the river goes into the sea.

Second Beach is about 5km to the south of the town and much more accessable.

John came round for a meal on a couple of evenings. Once we had mussels, which we'd bought from the locals, and did them in a creamy white wine sauce. There were plenty left over so we had them in a cheese sauce with meat from the braai.

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