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Spain, January / February 2017

After Christmas in France we drove into Spain and spent 6 weeks travelling down the East Coast then across to Gibraltar before heading back across the country to Santander where we took the ferry back to the UK.

We either stopped at Motorhome Aires (red A ) or ACSI campsites (green tent) - these campsites charge a lower rate for travelling in the low season.

Below the map are links to the places that we visited.


1. East Coast: Ebre Delta, Sagunto, the Albufera Natural Park and Valencia

2. SE Spain: L'Albir,/Altea, Cartagena and Granada

3. Gibraltar to Santander via Seville and Cacares.

We used the following maps and guides to plan our route and where to stop.


All the Aires - Spain & Portugal. Book and map listing all the Aires from Vicarious Books.

Apps downloaded onto my iPhone:

ACSI Campsites. Download the App and then buy information for the countries you are visiting. I paid £1.49 for Spain & Portugal in December 2016. To get the discounted price you have to buy an ACSI card. I paid £16.50 in January 2017 ( you get a couple of books listing the sites as well as the card) The card lasts for a year. We found that it paid for itself in under a week.

Galileo Offline Maps Pro. Buy the App (£2.99 in November 2016) and then download whichever country information you want (no extra charge). It's a detailed road map plus a search facility for accommodation, shopping, banks etc. which can be used without access to the internet.

Camper Contact. Buy the App (I paid £4.49 in December 2016) You get a a map of Europe with hundreds of places where you can park in your motorhome, some are free others not. You don't need to be online to use the App. The majority of the reviews are in Dutch but many do have English comments as well.

We invariably found the receptionists at the campsites to have good English and to be helpful with regard to seeing local sights. The Campsites and Aires near towns often had bus stops nearby which we often used to get into towns and cities.

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