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Richmond, South Africa, August to October 2017

The island of Zanzibar down below us on the flight from Dubai to Durban.

The last few times that we've travelled we've used Emirates which involves an 8 hour flight from London to Dubai, several hours at Dubai airport and then another 8 hours from Dubai to Durban. They've often been the cheapest flight and the service and food is pretty good.

It was our intention to spend a few weeks travelling while we were in South Africa but ended up staying in Richmond for the 2 months we were there.

We had to buy another vehicle as we'd sold our other one last year when we thought we'd be spending 3 years in the UK. We got anothe Hilux but a 4 door this time and then had to wait 5 weks for the canopy we'd ordered to arrive.

We also wanted to get the second bedroom and bathroom finished, which we did. It was lovely to see family and friends again, we had some great braais and several days out.


There were 2 family birthdays while we were in South Africa which meant all the family getting together, luckily both days were sunny so the kids(and some adults!)could play outside.

Many of our freinds are MOTHs (ex-services) and they hold several fundraising events during the year. The Potjie Competition was held at Beaulieu Dam which is just outside Richmond and we had a perfect day for it.

The Pietermaritzburg branch of the MOTHs held a 4km Charity Walk and13 of us from Richmond took part.

Dylon (our great-great nephew!!) came first in the Youngsters section.


In October the Richmond MOTHs held their annual Bass FIshing Competition where 5 local farmers allow entrants to fish in their private dams. As in past years we helped out and had a great day.

Morgan's Dam, where the majority of the fish were caught.

Dylon got 2nd prize in the Under 12s with a 35cm bass.

I wasoften able to sit outside for breakfast and enjoyed watching the birds in the garden. Bronze mannekins on the bird feeder. A male pin-tailed whydah in breeding plumage displaying to one of the females and a mousebird.

A group of us from Richmond went to the Rosetta Beer & Music Festival. What a jol!

Ian, Gary, Kevin & Geoff enjoying a beer.

One of the bands playing in the marquee.

We had a braai somewhere every weekend - on our patio, roasting a leg of lamb at Ian and Amelia's and under the Magic Tree at Geoff and Paula's with music from Ian.

Paula & I went to The Garden Show in Pietermaritzburg. There were some amazing displays - these are some orchids.

I went to the Richmond Garden Club in September. They had a guy talking about snakes, he brought 3 along to show us, very interesting.

A couple of days before we returned to the UK we had all the family round for a braai. Jason and Mark were excellent at keeping the youngsters amused.


Mark & Jason with their proud mum Ruth. They are both prefects at their school.


Our cat enjoying some shade in the garden.



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