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Skiing, France. March/April 2019

We spent 5 weeks in France, 4 of them at the campsite in Bourg-St Maurice from where we took the funniculaire up to Les Arcs.

At the top of the Mont Blanc ski lift is a camera where you can use your lift pass to get a photo with Mont Blanc in the background.


The funniculaire arriving at Les Arcs with Bourg-St-Maurice in the valley below.

On our way down, just behind the 'driver'.

We mainly we had good weather and skied most days. We usually skied from around 9.30 to 2pm with a break for a glass of hot wine at some point. Once back at the campsite we often walked to the supermarket to do some shopping and were then often able to sit outside until the sun went down. One day we had snow overnight but it only lasted for a few days in the valley and resulted in great snow for skiing.

For a couple of days after the snow we didn't ski as visibility was so poor but we did enjoy walking along the river and through the woods next to the campsite.

The snow melted quite quickly in the valley and on the third day we woke to blue skies.

WHen it snowed we bought some fat balls and put them up near our van. Within a few hours there were blue tits and great tits feeding and over the next few weeks we saw robins, sparrows, chaffinches, marsh tits, blackbirds and a nuthatch. I took these photos from inside the van.

Marsh tit.


On a couple of occassions we had lunch at Arc 2000 (expensive) but otherwise we just took some food with us.

A late lunch, sitting outside the van - most afternoons Kevin changed into shorts.

As we went after the February half-term and before easter we found that the ski slopes were often fairly quiet - great asn I hate it when you are amongst lots of other people.

On our way back to the funniculaire at Arc 1600 we often passed the water slide and inflatable matress. Most of the people who attempted the water slide did extremely well and made it across but a few did fall in.

On 3 occassions we came across images in the snow created by people walking ) or aliens!). They were at least 50m in diamter.

We took a week to drive slowly back across France spending several days in Burgundy (much larger than we'd thought) and visiting some lovely villages. However I seem to have lost all those photos - shame.




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