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Having taken early retirement in 2007 we wanted to spend time travelling in Southern Africa. We’d been to South Africa several times previously as Kevin's sister and her family live there.

From 2008 until 2016 we spent most of our time travelling around Southern Africa in a variety of camping setups and had a fantastic time visiting some amazing places.

In September 2016 we returned to the UK as I (Michelle) need 3 monthly checkups for an in-transit lymph melanoma, so far I've had the all-clear. Last year we decided to carry on with our travels in Europe and bought a camper van. At the moment we're dividing our time between Europe and Southern Africa.

This page and ones from the last few years are in a wider format than the earlier pages.

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Our UK camper van is an Autosleeper Kingham. We prefer panel vans as we like having the big sliding door but also wanted a fixed rear bed, which the Kingham has.

In South Africa we have a Hilux and a Bush Lapa off-road caravan.


We've visited Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, France (skiing), Scotland and various places in England plus a couple of months in South Africa from mid August.


We spent January to May in South Africa including a 3 week trip to Botswana. My sister, Di, and her husband, David, visited us from the UK for a couple of weeks at Easter. From May we've been in the UK and spent a lot of time parked up on the drive of our house in Toddington as our tenants moved out at the end of May and we decided that, after 10 years of having been rented out, the house and garden needed a facelift. The garden was more like a jungle so we had most of the shrubs and their roots removed and have spent a lot of time gradually making improvements. In September we're returning to South Africa for a few months.