West Coast, South Africa - September 2022.

 2.  Lambert's Bay and Velddrif.

Lambert's Bay

 Carol had heard about an open air seafood restaurant just ouside Lambert's Bay which had a campsite within walking distance so we booked ourselves in for a couple of nights.

 The restaurant location is fabulous but we were all disappointed with the food as there was hardly any shellfish and the 'paella' was just a big pot of rice with some fish, vegetables and a few mussels.

 Kevin, Carol and Darryl posing at sunset.

 Collecting food from the buffet.

There was a heavy sea mist the following morning so we drove into Lambert's Bay and parked next to the harbour.  After a walk to have a look at the boats we had an excellent snack at the cafe.  By then the mist had started to lift so we drove a short way to the edge of the town for a walk along the rocky shoreline.        

In the afternoon Darryl, Carol and I went for a walk along the beach opposite the campsite (Kevin stayed at the site as his foot was sore).


We had 3 days at Kliphoek River Resort which is on the banks of the Berg River and a few kilometres from Velddrif.  Carol and Darryl had a night elsewhere before returning the van to Cape Town and flying back home.   

 Our campsite with private kitchen and ablutions.

 The Berg River.

One day we drove into Velddrif and had a walk around the harbour and then we drove out along the coast to St Helena and Shelley Point.  It was very built up with lots of holiday homes but we did manage to find a car park so that we could have a walk along one of the beaches. 

Velddrif harbour - hundreds of cormorants on the far wall.

A walk along the beach.

From the campsite we could see some white 'hills' which we thought might be salt workings and we often saw flamingoes flying over in the distance. There was a track that we were able to follow which led through some of the salt pans until we arrived at the 'hills'.

A track between 2 salt pans.


We had 3 m

Flamingo fly past.

 A large group of flamingoes in one of the pans.

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