South Africa - Western Cape. November 2022

 1   Cape Peninsula A.   Chapman's Peak Drive, Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens and Table Mountain

Chapman's Peak Drive

This is a beautiful drive along the Atlantic Coast of the Peninula.   It's 9 km long, stretching from Noordhoek to Houtbay and has 114 curves.  There are several places where you can park and enjoy the magnificent views.

 Looking back along the road which hugs the coastline.

 Di and David at the lookout point overlooking Hout Bay.  

Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens

 Kevin and I have visited these garden on a couple of occassions but this was our first visit at this time of the year when the amazing proteas are flowering.  Di had a hip replacement a few months ago and Kevin had sore toes so we didn't go too far.  Luckily the protea area was quite close to the entrance.  We then walked along the aerial walkway through the tree tops before having a coffee at the cafe.

 The gardens are on the Eastern side of Table Mountain National Park.

 The start of the aerial walkway.

Table Mountain

 Table mountain is a must for visitors to Cape Town.  We bought tickets online (they are valid for 7 days) and checked the  Table Mountain Aerial Cableway web page which has up-to-date information about the weather conditions.  We got there soon after 8.30am, managed to park fairly close to the bottom cable car station and didn't have to wait long to get  on board.  The car revolves as it ascends so you get a great view in all directions.   At the top we had mixed views with mist and cloud changing all the time - it did make for a very asmospheric experience, quite different to our previous visits which were in clear sunshine. 

On our way up with the other car descending and the top station on the edge of the mountain.

 A hazy view to the North-East over Cape Town with the West Coast beaches in the distance. 

 The top of Lion Rock poking up above the clouds and a cable car approaching the top station. 

There's a well marked trail along the northern edge of the mountain with plenty of look-out points.

There were quite a few flowers and plenty of lichen on the top of the mountain.

The following 2 photos looking south across the 12 apostles were taken a few minutes apart. 

 On our way down in the cable car with cloud drifting in from the West.

 From the cable car you have a good view of one of the walking paths with several walkers coming down after an early start.

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