England 2017 - Woodend, Cumbria

This is one of our favourite places in the UK. We've know Paul for years - he used to be in the Hertfordshire Advisory Service with Kevin - and have visited his place in Cumbria on numerous occasions. The right-hand photo in our header is of Woodend which is between Eskdale and Ulpha in the SW Lake District.

On a good day this is the view that you get from the kitchen.

Paul and Jella had a week away at The New Forest Folk Festival so we stayed at Woodend, looked after the pig and hens, checked the fruit and veg, and were around if anything needed doing in the 4 self-catering cottages that they let out. We then stayed on for another couple of weeks with them.

Kevin topping up the pig's food.

Raised beds and a big poly tunnel supply plenty of vegetables.

It's a short walk from Woodend to Devoke Water and Devoke Seat. This is the view from the top of Devoke Seat. We could just make out the Isle of Man in the distance.

A couple more views of Devoke Water. We walked around the lake on several occasions. Some parts are rather boggy bur the views make up for it!

The 'local' pub (5 miles away) is The Newfield Inn where we've had some great times. We were invited to Tina Fest (a birthday celebration weekend for Tina) and went along on Saturday and again on Sunday afternoon . Lots of people there plus some great music and lovely food on Saturday evening.

The pond at Woodend with Scafell in the distance.

Paul on his quad taking his mum for a ride, accompanied by Gracie.

An evening of music in the garden. Paul on mandolin, Graham and Jella on guitar and .. with the accordion.

Jella's cute dog, Gracie.

Warm enough for a braai - yay!

One morning Jella and I went for a walk in the Duddon Valley, trying our different camera settings. We both concluded that using the automatic landscape setting usually gave the best picture!

Once again we managed to be around when the bi-monthly Music in Ulpha folk concert was on. Another great evening, this time with The Broadside Boys and Richard Digence. What made it even better was that Richard was staying at Woodend and the boys down the valley so they all spent the following morning at Woodend chatting to us and having one of Paul's huge breakfasts.

The Broadside Boys.

Richard Digence.

The sheep in the field behind the house being rounded up by the sheepdogs.


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Woodend, Cumbria


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Taking Gracie for a walk at Hodbarrow lagoon, near Millom.