Zimbabwe. June 2023.

 1.  Moriti Bush Camp and Botswana.

Moriti Bush Camp 

 The camp is in South Africa next to the Limpopo River and a convenient meeting point as it's only a short distance to the Groblesburg / Martin's Drift border to Botswana.  

Elephant Sands

From Moriti we drove north through Botswana stopping at Elephant Sands campsite for a night where we saw elephants at the waterhole and wandering through the campsite.  In the bar area there was a hand-reared banded mongoose which spent ages playing with a puppy.

Elephant Sands to Kazangula

  As you drive further north we always keep an eye out for animals alongside or crossing the road.  

Around Pandamatenga you drive through a large fenced off area of agricultural land which has been selected for growing arable crops because of a relatively high rainfall and fertile soil.

Last updated: October 2023