Zimbabwe. June 2023.

 5.  Mana Pools National Park.

Nyamepi Camp

We had 3 nights camped on the banks of the Zambezi River (next time we must stay at least a week!).  There were not many other people there which was just as well as the ablutions were in a very poor state, however the location is fantastic.

 We saw plenty of monkeys around the camp, sometimes sitting grooming each other but always on the lookout for food of course.  They loved jumping from the tree to the top of the caravan.... 

We had fantastic sunrises and I was up early every morning to enjoy them.

 Great to be able to sit around a camp fire and enjoy watching the sun go down. 

 When we were at the campsite I spent a lot of time wandering around looking at the river, trees, animals and birds. 

One afternoon we were visited by a large male elephant.  After wandering around the campsite for a while he decided he needed a drink and made his way slowly along the river bank to a place where he knew could go down to the river - this involved him passing right next to our vehicles which he totally ignored.

Driving around the Park. 

We drove out on 3 occassions, once all of us together following Dries and the other 2 times on our own - all the tracks were on our GPS so we were fine getting around.  Sadly we didn't see any predators apart from a crocodile but we enjoyed our drives and often stopped by waterholes to see what animals or birds might arrive.     

 As usual impala were the most common buck that we saw.  One group were showing off their jumping abilities.

I'm not very good at getting photos of birds in flight.  I did try practicing quite a lot and spent ages trying to get a decent shot of the lilac-breasted roller - pity the sun was in the wrong position to show off its amazing colours. 

 Waterbirds at the waterholes were often the easiest to spot.

We saw a few lone bull elephants and one small family which disappeared quickly into the bush.  We watched one of the bulls for some time as he was reaching up to get to high branches, we hoped that he would stand on his back legs but he managed to get branches within his reach from the ground.

We saw a variety of other animals including zebra, warthog, buffalo, hippos, crocodiles and waterbuck.

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