Kruger National Park, South Africa 2014 - 2D Other animals and birds.

Elephants are always interesting to watch. We saw a couple of large groups crossing the road next to the Sabie River.

This rather thin old boy seemed to like carrying his trunk on his tusks.

This was the smallest baby elephant that we saw.

We were lucky to see quite a few rhino in the Park. Mostly they were in groups of 2 or 3.

The Park gates opened at 4.30am so we were often out and about in time to see the sun rise.

This chameleon was crossing the road and stopped to let us take a photo - hope it made it to the other side OK.

We saw lots of baby impala.

We mainly saw small groups of old bull buffalo.

Waterbuck were very numerous near the river in the Satara area.

We saw plenty of tortoises - icluding this amorous pair.

I was surprised that we only saw a couple of jackal during the week.

I think that this is a young Steppe Eagle.

A skink.

A young wildebeest.

A goliath heron seen from a bridge across the Sabie River.


1. Fishing.

2a. Kruger . Our Trip.

2b. Kruger. Predators.

2c. Kruger. Dams and Hides.

2d Kruger. Other animals and birds.


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A male giraffe with uneven horns.