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KwaZulu-Natal, April to July 2015 - Cars in the Park

The 40th annual “Cars in the Park,” hosted by the Pietermaritzburg Vintage Sports Car Club, was held in at Asburton on May 17th. Previously it had been held at Alexandra Park in Pietermaritzburg but this new venue is much more spacious and only about 12 km SE of Pietermaritzburg.

This was the first time that we'd attended the event and we were amazed at the number of vehicles on display. In addition to cars there were motorbikes, quad bikes and steam engines as well as a flea market and food stalls.


1. Splashy Fen Music Festival. 4 days of music in the Drakensberg foothills

2. Chelmsford Dam. 3 trips to the dam taking the twins fishing.

3. Cars in the Park. Cars of all ages, bikes and more.

4. Clansthal, KZN South Coast. A long weekend by the sea.

5. Art in the Park. A 5 day display of South African artists.

6. Comrades Marathon. The oldest ultra-marathon in the world.

7. Creighton Aloe Festival. A trip on a steam train through beautiful countryside.

8. Richmond. Local events and improvements to our house.

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